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Deepak Garg

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2238
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Start date

Nov 2010

Submission date

Feb 2014


Deepak Garg

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Automated Early Detection of Faults in Multi-tier Applications


For every new version of a software application released, regression testing is required to test the compatibility of the new features with the previous already tested functionalities. To perform regression testing, new test cases are generated. As the test cases grow in number due to the growth of applications, it becomes very difficult to execute all the test cases within a specified amount of time.

We suggest new automated selection and prioritization techniques that provide better test coverage and detect faults early. We suggest techniques to detect faults related to modifications in database early. We also suggest new techniques to minimize the redundancy of test cases.

Why my research is important

We suggest algorithms and provide automation framework for reducing the software testing costs. Using these selection and prioritization techniques, the software companies will be able to detect faults early and the software developers get more time to fix the faults.


  • SIRF
  • UIS
  • Ad-Hoc Safety Net Top-Up


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