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Ghulam Mubashar Hassan

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Feb 2012

Submission date

Feb 2016


Ghulam Mubashar Hassan

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Photogrammetric Method of Distant Reconstruction of Displacement Fields in Deformable Solids.


Digital Image Correlation is most widely used photogrammetric method to solve the problem of distant reconstruction of displacement fields in deformable solids. However, its adaptation in applications related to real world problem poses limitations of its performance in discontinuities, cracks, dust, etc. The new technique is required to overcome the limitations posed by Digital Image Correlation. Few techniques are proposed which may be improvised to overcome the limitations of Digital Image Correlation and perform efficiently.

Why my research is important

This remote deformation measurement plays a critical role in many fields of engineering and sciences such as, in civil and material engineering to measure strain in the materials, in electronics and computer engineering to measure thermal expansion of circuit components and boards, in biomechanics to measure deformation and strain in different parts of the body, in avionics to measure strain in load testing of aircrafts, in seismic to measure vibrations, etc.

The displacement or strain reconstruction in the presence of discontinuities is especially important in mining for failure monitoring to save human lives. During the exploration and excavation process, the strain in the walls and roof is regularly monitored to ensure its safety. In case of any danger of collapse, the miners are moved out before happening of the disaster. The proposed research can play a critical role in solving this problem. The importance of this problem is further enhanced due to the fact that Western Australia (WA) is dependent on its natural resources and subsequently intensive exploration and mining is executed in this state particularly.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • Bruce & Betty Scholarship
  • Merit Top-up Scholarship


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