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Minh Tran

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Start date

Mar 2003

Submission date

Jul 2009

Minh Tran


Patchwork Texture Synthesis with Applications to Large-Scale


Texture can be used in computer graphics to depict surface detail which does not necessarily occur in the surface geometry of the object. Texturing 3D models not only improves visual aesthetics but can potentially increase the number and speed at which models are generated in a scene. However, the texture size may not always fit the model and so, texture extension is needed. The process of imitating a texture into various sizes and dimensions is known as texture synthesis. The goal is to imitate the sample texture in such a way that sample and synthesised texture are perceived to be generated by the same source. Previous attempts have produced undesirable artefacts such as image seams, smudging, and noise which are not inherent from the sample, and may require extensive user intervention. This thesis will focus on a texture synthesis method which, after a pre-processing step, can stitch together texture patches quickly to be used on large scale models with minimal user intervention. To reduce the amount of undesirable artefacts present within the output texture, the method will use image edges (high intensity gradients) to maintain image structure and continuity.

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