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Munawar Hayat

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2238
Fax: (+61 8) 6488 1089


Start date

Sep 2011

Submission date

Sep 2015


Munawar Hayat

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Learning techniques for multi-modal facial analysis


I am interested in working towards face and facial expression recognition from videos (2D and 3D).

Why my research is important

Human biometric characteristics based personal identification systems are considered to be more reliable compared with conventional systems such as chip cards (which can be stolen), PINs and passwords (which can be hacked and forgotten). Human face is the most attractive biometric as it requires less user cooperation (compared with other biometrics such as finger prints, palm prints, retina scanning and Iris) and it is easily collectable (because of easy availability and the quick installation of cameras). Face recognition technology has numerous government, military and commercial applications and has therefore gained a lot of research attention and sustained development over the last three decades.


  • Student International Research Fees (SIRF)
  • University International Stipend (UIS)


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