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Simon Illich

Simon Illich 

Bachelor of Computer
Science (Honours) 2007


I have always had a strong interest in technology, but found it difficult to choose exactly which course was right for me.

I enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science degree at UWA because it offered me the opportunity to study Computer Science as a core discipline, but with the flexibility to take up units and majors in other areas. By the end of my degree I had completed units in economics, commerce, physics, maths, and even music! The flexibility in course structure, coupled with UWA’s excellent reputation in the industry, were the main reasons I enrolled in Computer Science at UWA.

I completed honours in 2007, and immediately took up a position in the Chevron Graduate Program. Chevron is a US based energy company that will operate the Gorgon and Wheatstone gas fields, located off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

I have undertaken two graduate rotations: the first in Upstream Technical Computing and the second in Infrastructure. In my role I’m involved in a range of projects, from deploying new petrotechnical applications to preparing the ICT infrastructure for an offshore drilling rig. The graduate program at Chevron has also enabled me to travel internationally, which is something I never imagined I’d be able to do so early in my career.

For those considering taking up a science degree at UWA, I would suggest researching all of the majors thoroughly, and picking something that you will enjoy.

While it sounds like an obvious thing to say, it’s the key factor that motivates you when the assignments start piling up! Once at UWA, you will have many opportunities to add value to your degree, such as getting involved in a club or society, picking up another major and/or honours or applying for summer work experience.

Most importantly, however, I would recommend that you saviour your time as a student, and get involved in the unique social scene that UWA offers!


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