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The 8th School of Computer Science & Software Engineering Research Conference

Conference details

Dates: 3-4 April 1997

Venue: Club Capricorn, Yanchep

Final papers: 17-24 March

Registration: TBA

Conference committee: Dr. Gordon Royle (venue, plenary speaker), Bruce Backman (papers, proceedings)

Scheduled talks


  • Professor Norman Foo, University of New South Wales


  • Bruce Backman and Nick Spadaccini, Applications of Differential Geometry in Non-Rigid Registration
  • Luigi Barone and Lyndon While, Evolving Computer Opponents to Play a Game of Simplified Poker
  • Jason Birch and C.P. Tsang, Fuzzy Control and Kinematic Constraints
  • Bernard Cena and Nick Spadaccini, Wavelet Based Volume Visualisation System
  • Rowena Cole and Nick Spadaccini, Adapting Genetic Algorithms for Clustering
  • Rowena Cole and Luigi Barone, The Game of Clustering
  • Kamran Kazemi, Opportunities for Optimisation by Detecting Parallel Programming Design Patterns
  • Matthew McDonald, A Valueless Reinforcement Learning Algorithm
  • Skot McDonald, Percussive Sound Identification using Spectral Centroid Trajectories
  • Bruce Mills, Special Case Second Order Matrix Multiplication
  • Bruce Mills, Wrapping Matrix Multiplication
  • Nicola Ritter and Robyn Owens, The Application of Mutual Information to Image Registration
  • Mike Robins, Surface Tracing of Local Energy Density Values


The conference venue is at the beautiful Club Capricorn, which is a simple 1 hour drive from Perth. It's on the ocean so don't forget your bathers.

Accommodation will be in comfortable 6-bed chalets. You will need to provide your own bed-linen, towels and soap, but everything else is provided.

Dining will be in Club Capricorn's restaurant, Lindsay's, where fine food, elegance and computer science go hand in hand.


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