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School strategy and policy is decided by a variety of committees:

Management Committee

  • preparation of the School budget
  • staffing issues
  • organise regular School meetings
  • coordinate the development of School plans
  • oversee the production of the School's annual report.

Systems Committee

  • to establish and oversee procedures necessary for the safe, reliable, secure, and well documented running of our School's computer systems for teaching, research, and School administration
  • to establish and oversee a suitable Code of Conduct for users of our School's computer systems
  • to establish and oversee procedures necessary to ensure the integrity and privacy of individuals' data held on our computer system
  • to advise the School on suitable hardware and software purchases required to upgrade and improve teaching, research and administrative computer systems
  • to advise individual staff members as to how proposed grant-funded equipment will best fit in with the School's computing infrastructure
  • to ensure that software licences held by the School are current
  • to liaise with the University's Information Technology Services and LAN Technical Group regarding our School's connection to the campus network and wider Internet.

Research Committee

  • promote research
  • foster postgraduate enrolments
  • organise the School's annual research conference
  • oversee the production of the School's annual research booklet
  • organise research seminars
  • coordinate research grant applications
  • coordinate applications for postdoctoral positions and actively seek funding opportunities for good applicants
  • monitor postgraduate performance
  • invite regular research visitors to the School
  • subscribe to ra-announce and read the RAU Newsletter
  • answer all requests for information from potential postgraduate students
  • ensure the completeness of the School research database
  • oversee the production of the School technical report series.

Teaching and Learning Committee

  • recognise, reward, and encourage good teaching
  • help to create and promote a conducive learning environment
  • foster student enrolments and retention
  • monitor student satisfaction and performance
  • review units, majors and courses for relevance and demand
  • respond to external changes and ensure academic development of the School
  • prepare and present cases for curriculum changes to Faculty
  • maintain the information in University rules, handbooks, and courses booklets
  • represent the School and its programmes in Faculty Board, UTLC, PTLC, and other working groups and forums
  • report on teaching and learning at School meetings, industry advisory panel and other forums as required.

Industry Advisory Panel

The Industry Advisory Panel advises the School on its teaching and research programs, particularly with regard to their relevance to local and international industry needs.


School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

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