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Late submissions

The School has adopted a policy on minimum penalties for late items of assessment.

  • It is the default policy of all units unless indicated otherwise, in writing, by the specific unit coordinator.
  • This policy shall apply to all items of continuous assessment, whether submitted either physically or electronically.
  • Immediately after the submission deadline for an item of continuous assessment, a penalty of 20 per cent will be applied per day or part thereof.
  • The percentage is based on the item's total contribution to the unit's assessment. For example, a project contributing 40 per cent to the unit's assessment will incur a penalty of eight (8) marks for each day late.
  • For the purposes of these penalties, a day is defined to mean all days of the week, including weekends and public holidays when the University may be closed. Any exception to this definition will be made, in writing, by a unit's co-ordinator.
  • The minimum possible mark for late submission is zero.

An item submitted after the deadline but within 24 hours of the original deadline, will have the mark reduced by the 20 per cent penalty.

If submitted between 24 hours and 48 hours late, a penalty of 40 per cent applies, and so on, until the penalty reaches 100 per cent after four days. You may choose to submit a late assessment after four days, but it will contribute nothing to the unit's overall assessment.

The standard exclusions, as recognised by both our Faculty and the School shall apply. These include medical conditions, active jury duty, and armed-services reserve duty, when supported by written documentation. All documentation and requests for exclusion for any of the reasons stated above must be submitted to the Faculty Sub-Dean. Wherever possible the unit co-ordinator must be notified before the submission deadline.


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