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Late submissions

The University has adopted a policy on minimum penalties for late items of assessment. 

As per UWA's Policy on Assessment:

A penalty of 5 per cent of the total mark allocated for the assessment item is deducted per day for the first 7 days (including weekends and public holidays) after which the assigned work is not accepted. Each 24-hur block is recorded from the time the assessment is due. For example, a student, who has submitted a piece of work for an assessment item late by three days and was scored a mark of 45 out of a possible mark of 50, receives after penalty a mark of 37.5 out of 50 (a mark of 2.5 is deducted per day as a penalty for each student from the mark obtained). Where there are a number of tasks within an assessment item, the late penalty may be applied holistically to the assessment item after all tasks have been completed.

Where assignments are graded Pass/Fail, failure to submit the assignment in time may result in the student not being permitted to take the final exam at the end of the semester or a teaching period and being unable to progress to the next level of the course or to graduate in the case where it is the final unit of the course.

Assessments submitted later than 7 days after the deadline receive a mark of zero, unless an application for mitigation is approved in accordance with the University Policy on Assessment: Special Consideration (UP11/23).



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