School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Computing facilities

The School provides computer laboratories, software, disk, print and internet quota to our students.

Computing resources

The school has three general access computer labs: Rooms 2.01, 2.03 and 2.05.  Room 2.07 is reserved for honours students and there are an additional three postgraduate laboratories within the building. All labs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to students enrolled in a CSSE unit.

Room 2.01 houses Intel Apple iMac which triple boot into OSX, Windows and Linux.  The remaining rooms all use standard Intel based PCs which dual boot into both Windows and Linux.

Spare machines

During any prescribed laboratory period, held in any of the School's undergraduate teaching laboratories, the lecturer or unit co-ordinator of the unit has the sole discretion as to how that laboratory period may be used. Their decision will be made with the goal of using the laboratory in the most effective manner for the teaching of their unit.

Outside of any prescribed laboratory periods, students may use any computing equipment which they are authorised to access.

Students are expected to be self-policing and their assistance in making the scheme work smoothly is appreciated. If necessary, the unit's lecturer, co-ordinator, or laboratory supervisor will ask any students who are not registered for the laboratory to leave.


The School makes use of a wide range of software.  The majority of software is freely available for students.  A list of current software, versions and licensing is provided here, while specific information on Microsoft products is also available.


School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

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