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Conditions of Use

Before your first laboratory session you must fill in and sign an Acceptance of Conditions of Use form.

This form indicates your agreement to the following conditions specified by the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) and the University of Western Australia for the use of the School's computing laboratories and any accounts or software associated with them.

  1. You may use only those facilities which you have been authorised to use. Authorisation can only be granted by the Head of School or by staff so authorised by the Head.
  2. You must not tamper with laboratory facilities. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • connecting hardware
    • removing hardware
    • installing software without the authorisation of the CSSE Systems Committee
    • removing software
    • unauthorised access or alteration of data.
  3. You must obey the copyright law. Under this law all computer software is copyright by the copyright owner regardless of whether it contains a copyright notice. Software must not be copied or adapted without the express permission of the copyright owner. You must not use the School's facilities to illegally copy software or illegally copy the software provided for your use by the School.
  4. Where your use of the facilities is governed by an account with a password, the password must not be divulged to any other persons. Your account is for your own personal use; you must take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your account.
  5. You must not disturb other students by:
    • tampering with facilities in such a way as to impede their use by other students
    • making too much noise in the laboratory
    • using computer facilities to send inappropriate messages
    • inviting visitors into the lab
    • or in any other way.

    If you feel that someone is disturbing your use of the laboratory then you should report it to the lab supervisor or, after hours, to university security (extension 2222).

  6. You shall not access any software or data except that which belongs to you or has been provided for your use. Specifically, you must not attempt to subvert any restrictions on the use of facilities.
  7. You should report, without delay, any breaches in security.
  8. The laboratory facilities may be used only for the tasks assigned in your course. They may not be used for unauthorised purposes, including work assigned by other schools in other courses, hobby computing, private consulting work, or the playing of computer games.
  9. While every effort will be made to provide reliable School-wide backups, the School will not be responsible for the loss of any data in the case of an accident. If it is essential that your files are not lost, you should maintain your own backup using the facilities provided [for example, floppy disk or network connection].
  10. The School reserves the right to examine all computer data and software on its facilities.
  11. Laboratory facilities should not be wasted by inappropriate or irresponsible computing [games], or excessive printing.
  12. Eating and drinking are absolutely prohibited in all laboratories. Smoking is absolutely prohibited everywhere in the Computer Science and Software Engineering building.
  13. Any equipment faults, however minor, should be reported immediately to a lab supervisor or, after hours, to the unixsupport, ntsupport or MacSupport e-mail addresses.
  14. Where printing facilities are provided you must:
    • keep the printer area clean and tidy at all times
    • use "Paper Only" bins for waste paper
    • use your print quota only for course work
    • not unnecessarily print course-related documents that were specifically provided in electronic form without specific authorisation.
  15. The Head of School, or any staff authorised by the Head, may suspend any person from using the laboratory facilities if, in their opinion, that person:
    • was responsible for wilful physical damage to any of the computing facilities
    • was in possession of confidential information obtained improperly
    • was responsible for the wilful destruction of information
    • was responsible for the deliberate interruption of normal services provided by the laboratory
    • used, copied or destroyed all or part of a software product not their own or not currently assigned for their use
    • copied, destroyed or removed from the laboratory any software product whether or not it was assigned for their use
    • knowingly allowed someone else to use, copy, destroy or remove from the laboratory any software product that was not assigned to that other person.

    Students disputing such suspension shall have the rights accorded to them under University Statute 17 (Discipline).

  16. Any breach of these or any other conditions governing the use of the laboratory facilities may result in disciplinary action being taken under University Statute 17, or criminal proceedings initiated as appropriate.

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