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Microsoft Academic Alliance software (available to CSSE staff and students only)

The School has a subscription to the Microsoft Academic Alliance Programme, MSDN-AA, which provides a wide range of Microsoft software to students and staff of the school for personal teaching and research activities. The licences and right to download are dependent on you undertaking at least one of the units offered by this school as part of a degree programme.

Access to software is managed by E-Academy, so you will receive emails regarding logon information, passwords and software download instructions from a "" email address. Be aware that these emails are genuine and not spam.

The CD and DVD images are stored on servers within the school. When you select software for download you will first be authenticated by E-Academy, then prompted to download a small (< 300kB) downloader application from E-Academy. Running this application will fetch the software from the school's server.

The following Microsoft server, operating systems, developer and application software is now available for download.

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008
  • Server software: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008.
  • Developer: Visual Studio 2008
  • Applications: Access 2007, Project 2007, Project 2007 Server, Visio 2007. Onenote 2007, Virtual PC 2007.
  • Tools and Libraries: MSDN Subscriptions, SDKs, DDKs.

This software is made available for private use subject to the MSDN-AA Conditions of Use in the file at the end of the section on Staff and student registration. Before you can download MSDN-AA software, you must have a MSDN-AA user account.


Calls for MSDN-AA accounts will occur at the beginning of each semester.  Emails will be sent to your official UWA address with instructions about how to apply.  Only students who are eligible and apply will have an account created for them.  Staff and research students should request access by directly contacting the Systems Support group.

The school's MSDN-AA Server is within CSSE and hence free to download from within UWA. However authentication is handled by Microsoft, so there may be a small network charge if connecting via the ITS proxy.

To download software from the CSSE MSDN-AA server

  1. Follow the above link to the MSDNAA server.
  2. Select the software you wish to download and add it to your cart.
  3. Check-out the software you have selected.
  4. Enter your MNDNAA username and password.
  5. You soon will receive an email with instructions and a link to download a program that you must use to download the software selected at Step 2. Download this program and save it. This small program is actually a downloader application, not the actual software.
  6. Run the downloader program. The downloader will contact the MSDNAA server, download an encrypted copy of the software, decrypt the file, then verify the contents.
  7. If there is an error downloading the software, simply rerun the downloader program.
  8. You will be downloading an ISO DVD or CD image file. You can use the CD writers in the laboratories, or on your home computers to write these ISO images to CD or DVD media.

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Other software

Microsoft Office - UWA staff

Microsoft Office 2007 is covered by a UWA site licence and can only be installed on any UWA owned computers. The licence costs are paid centrally under the Campus agreement.

Microsoft Office 2007 is available to UWA staff for Work-At-Home use. Installation media can be purchased from the Coop Bookshop or Winthrop Australia. You are required to complete the form linked below and take it and a photo ID to Winthrop Australia or the Coop Bookshop. Your UWA employment status will be confirmed and you will be provided with a set of CD media to install Office on your home computer.

A detailed description of the Campus Work at Home is available at the ITS Software site.

Email the CSSE support team for installation of this software.

Microsoft Office - UWA students

UWA students are able to obtain Microsoft Office under the Microsoft "It's not Cheating" program. Please note that Visio 2007 is available under the MSDN-AA programme, only to CSSE students, at no licence cost but a very small network download charge.

Office is also available under the UWA Microsoft Select agreement. See the Coop Bookshop or Winthrop Australia in the Guide Village for information and prices. 

Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft are making a range of server and developer software available free to all university students. DreamSpark offers a similar range of software to the Academic Alliance program, so if you are a CSSE student, you are advised to download software from the MSDN-AA server, (see above).

DreamSpark offers some software and products that are not available under the Academic Alliance program. These are:

  • XNA Game Studio 3.0
  • Robotics Developer Studio 2008
  • CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008
  • e-books, SQL Server, Visual Studio
  • Training Videos, Virualisation, Web 2.0 Dev, Windows Server 2008.

While the software licences provided by DreamSpark are free, you will incur a network charge for your downloads. If you download software within UWA, the UWA student network charge is $8 per GB. If you download from home, you should check the network costs charged by your service provider. Typically, each title (software or e-book) would be 1GB to 3GB in size.

Steps to follow to register with DreamSpark.

  1. go to the DreamSpark website.
  2. create a windows live id and logon to the site.
  3. select the software to download.
  4. confirm your enrolment at UWA by selecting country (Australia), then institution (UWA).

Once authenticated you are returned to the software page to download software.

NOTE: Networks charges of $8 per GB apply to downloading DreamSpark software.

EndNote - UWA staff and students

EndNote is available to UWA staff and students, for installation on their personal computer.

If you need EndNote installed on your school owned computer, email the CSSE support team.

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