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Assoc/Prof Lyndon While
CSSE Professional Practicum Coordinator

Students are required to undertake a professional practicum as part of our professional Masters degree, the Master of Professional Engineering (Software Engineering), as well our two legacy degrees, the Bachelor of Computer Science and the Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering).

The practicum is a core requirement of these degrees: it carries no points value, but it must be completed before graduation.

Please note: students undertaking unpaid practicums will be covered by UWA's insurance.  Students who are being paid during their practicums will not be covered by UWA's insurance, your employer is expected to provide adequate insurance cover during the period of employment.  If you are unsure ask your employer for clarification.


The following companies can provide industry experience that fulfils the requirements of both the BCompSci and the BE(SE) degree programs, and have indicated a willingness to consider written applications by students for vacation employment:

  • ACS Foundation
    Do you want relevant work experience that will give you an insight into what the ICT industry is really like? Do you want to get a tax free scholarship worth up to $28,000 to learn new skills and get vital experience? The ACS Foundation offers a number of scholarships supporting workplacements and internships.

  • Centre for Software Practice
    The UWA Centre for Software Practice (CSP) is a unique enterprise based in the University of Western Australia in Perth that seeks to straddle both business and education. We strive to offer professional services to both the university and the wider community while simultaneously training new up-and-coming UWA talent in the web industry. To this end we are staffed by both graduates and students of UWA, under the supervising eye of our director, Dr David Glance.
    If you are interested in a practicum or work placement opportunity at the CSP, please email a CV to David Glance

  • Clayko Group
    Clayko is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in document management and hosted applications. We are seeking students for our Traineeship program. We would prefer students from Year 2+, who are looking for work experience, and would also like to speak to students looking for post uni full time employment. Forward applications (including CV) to [email protected].

  • Deloitte
    We are looking for technology students to join our Data Analytics, Technology Consulting and Online Consulting team. At any given time, Deloitte is working closely with a range of local and global organisations to develop major enterprise architecture strategies, information management systems, investigate complex online fraud issues and develop innovative website and mobile applications. Learn more about each of our technology service lines here. Please forward your practicum application (including CV) to [email protected] with "Perth UWA Professional Practicum" as the subject line.

  • ERG Group
    Forward applications (including CV) to [email protected].

  • ETCorp
    To apply for work experience contact Sahid Sesay.

  • Ernst & Young
    At EY, your IT, IS, Computer Science or Engineering degree or major is the foundation that will set you up for a successful career. Whichever area you choose, you'll gain invaluable skills, experience and a lifetime of contacts. If you are interested in finding out more about careers at EY, please visit our website.

  • Floq
    Floq is a start-up web app that helps users get feedback about people, products and companies and compare them to the rest of the world.We have just launched our private beta and are looking for technology students to help develop social media integrations (facebook, linkedin, yammer and twitter) and build integrations with apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc. PHP and front end development (CSS, Java, etc) skills are preferable. Check out our website for further info: and shoot us an email at [email protected] with your application.

  • FormSys
    FormSys is a software development company specialising in 3D software for design, analysis and construction. Specialist areas of application include naval architecture and shipbuilding, and structural engineering. They are looking for students to do C++/MFC/OpenGL/Computer graphics work on CAD applications over the summer. Email [email protected]

  • HealthEngine
    As Australia's largest and most detailed online health directory with a new and exciting online medical appointments platform, HealthEngine is focused on connecting patients and practitioners. There's a wealth of experience and unique skills to be gained while being involved in this startup. Students proficient in web, database, and software technologies (including either or all of HTML, PHP, PostgreSQL, and C++) are encouraged to apply. Please forward applications (including CV and statement of results) to Darius Wey.

  • IBM Australia Ltd.
    Forward applications (including CV) to Kenichi Yoshimura. Further information about internships and graduate careers can be found in this brochure.

  • Jumpstartz
    Jumpstartz is a technology company focused on high-growth sectors in the IT market. We focus solely on the development of our own high profile public platforms. Our developers see themselves not only as IT experts but also software entrepreneurs. We offer flexible hours, chance to work on international projects, learn team dynamics and to gain experiance in complex group probelm solving. Email applications or enquiries to: [email protected]. Or vist our facebook page: Further information can be found in this brochure.

  • Kruger Kings-Lynne

  • Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd
    Maritime Engineers request students who have completed, or are close to completing their second year. Experience with network systems preferred. Forward applications, including CV to: [email protected].

  • L3 - Nautronix

  • Orbital Corp
    Orbital request students who have completed the second last year of their degree and have an interest in embedded systems. Forward applications (including CV) to [email protected].

  • Quickflix
    Quickflix is an online movie rental company based in St Georges Terrace. Quickflix is looking to develop a number of innovative web2.0 services, and are keen to involve students in these projects. Applications and enquiries to Stephen Langsford.

  • Thales Australia
    Forward applications (including CV) to [email protected].

  • The Marketing Interchange
    The Marketing Interchange is a multi-national company that specialises in retail competitive intelligence and analytics, delivered through our proprietary market research software. We are embarking on an exciting new project that will open global market opportunities for us and our staff. We are a BizSpark member and have a Senior Software Engineer in our Perth office who can provide mentorship over the next 3 months. We are looking for a bright and meticulous CS student, with the following skills in Web Development: (1) HTML5, (2) Jquery, (3) Javascript, (4) CSS3, and (5) Twitter Bootstrap.
    As part of the practicum, we can offer a structured goal-oriented learning experience, as well as a full practicum report and reference. The successful candidate will not be paid salary/wages, but will be covered by insurance and a monthly stipend, apart from giving your CV/portfolio a big boost. We take applications anytime but would like to start the first wave by early June 2015. Anyone interested can send their CV and sample of their work (if any) to Kenneth Yap on [email protected]. We're confident that this experience will give you an edge over your peers!

  • Tieline Research
    Forward applications (including CV) to [email protected].

  • TidyClub
    TidyClub is changing the way not-for-profits and amateur sporting clubs do business. We are looking for some amazing people inspired to reinvent the way groups engage their members, accept payments, run their events and lots more.
    We're passionate and searching for fellow innovators. Rails, API, SMS, Payments, Credit Card Readers, Ticketing, Marketing and more are areas we would love a hand with.... our office is in East Perth, along with a coffee machine!
    So before you join a beige consulting firm or another mining related services group consider an agile web startup! Email your details to [email protected]

  • PwC
    PwC is a global network of firms with a presence in more than 140 countries. Here in Perth, PwC is on the front foot of technology consulting across clients in every imaginable industry. We are always on the lookout for the next generation's leaders in the technology field. We have a variety of technology consulting services that include Cyber Security, Projects and Transformation Services, CIO Advisory and Enterprise Cloud Services, Forensics, Digital, Data Analytics, and much more. A full list and details about each area can be found here. To apply, please send your application, area of preference, and CV to [email protected] with "UWA Professional Practicum"as the subject.

  • ZippySig - Zippysig is an online web application helping companies worldwide create email signatures. We are always developing and upgrading our application so it is easier to use for our customers. Students with knowledge of various technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Java Script, PostgresQL, Heroku, Cloud 9 and Angular JS are encouraged to contact us for work experience placements. If you have knowledge in any of these skills, be sure to email us at [email protected] or visit our website at   


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