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Postgraduate research

Induction checklist

Feedback and support

Advisory Panels provide feedback and support for our postgraduate research candidates.

Further information

New to Perth?

Information for our PhD and masters by research students.

New students should first arrange to see you supervisor(s), as listed on your offer letter from the Graduate Research School. Please introduce yourself to the School’s Postgraduate Coordinator, Rachel Cardell-Oliver, Room 1.20.

  1. Lab access, computers and other resources
  2. Research skills and training
  3. Projects and proposals
  4. Policies and forms
  5. Annual School Research Conference
  6. Technical reports

Lab access, computers and other resources

Research students work in laboratories arranged around research groups in the School. See the School Manager to arrange an access card for your office.

As well as office space the School provides each graduate research student with a computer and other resources for their research. All UWA graduate research students are provided with a minimum allocation of resources. You should speak to your supervisor if you have any special requirements.

Copies of the excellent guide How to get a PhD and proceedings of the School’s latest Research Conference are available from the School office.

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Research skills and training

The University runs a number of highly recommended courses for research students.

The Graduate Research School also advertises training opportunities. Your coordinating supervisor will arrange payment for approved courses.

Statistics clinic

Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.

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Projects and proposals

School staff have suggested potential project topics for postgraduate research students.

All students must submit a Research Proposal, after six months full time (or equivalent) and a yearly Progress Report:

Both reports must be submitted through the School’s Postgraduate Coordinator, Du Huynh.

Your confirmation of candidature is also due at the end of your first-year.

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Policies and forms

The Graduate Research School manages policies and forms for postgraduate research students.

Travel and research expenses

Read the School travel and research expenses policy before you submit a conference paper, or enter any other research related travel arrangements.

Resolving problems

The University seeks to provide you with a learning environment which is as trouble-free as possible and therefore conducive to an enjoyable and productive period of graduate study. To support this aim, it encourages informal and open discussion of problems as they arise with your supervisor or with the School’s Postgraduate Coordinator, Du Huynh. All candidates and supervisors should also be aware of the University’s formal policies for Resolution of Grievances for Graduate Candidates Engaged in Research.

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Annual School Research conference

We hold a two day research conference in September or November each year at which postgraduate students present and discuss their current research.

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Technical Reports Series

Our School Technical Reports Series is intended for early publication of your research, and for full versions (including, for example, full proofs or experimental results) of research papers.

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