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Our School has been holding research conferences since 1990.

The principal aims of the conferences are to provide research students with:

  • a forum for disseminating and obtaining feedback on their work
  • experience at presenting work in a conference atmosphere
  • an incentive to write up their work to date as a formal paper for inclusion in the proceedings and possible submission elsewhere.

The most important thing about the conference is that you get up and give it a go. The talk you present does not have to be perfect or even particularly polished - in fact, this is your opportunity to present imperfect or incomplete work and get some sympathetic yet serious feedback on either the presentation or the work itself.

The conference fosters a sense of community and common purpose among our research students and staff of the School.

Call for papers

Each conference, papers are invited from all members of the School. The conference proceedings include both full research papers and short papers on new research directions.

Contributions are encouraged from students at various stages of their studies, as well as project students, staff, visitors and research fellows from other WA universities and industry or government organisations.

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New postgraduates

You should submit a short abstract or research proposal outlining the area that you wish to study, and present a short talk (up to ten minutes).

The proposal and discussion need not be very detailed, and are in no way binding. Its purpose is simply to give others some idea of your planned area of research, and allow them to share with you the benefit of any experience they may have in related areas. For example, it may be that some of the staff or students can help with some pointers to literature, software, and resources within the School that have been used on previous projects in related areas.

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(Full-time PhD students within their first three years, part-time PhD students within their first four years, MSc students in the first two years)

You are expected to submit a paper related to your work for inclusion in the proceedings, and to present a talk on the work at the conference. For those who have completed one year this might be oriented more towards surveying the state of the art in your chosen field, discussing of problems you plan to address and your progress so far. For those in later years it is likely to include more of your own contributions, and might be used as a practice paper for a conference or journal. If you'd like to discuss further what is expected please see your supervisor or one of the organisers.

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Finishing postgraduates

(Postgraduates outside the above categories)

You are strongly encouraged to give a talk on your work, but since it is recognised that you may be finishing off and writing up according to fairly tight deadlines, a single abstract page may optionally be submitted in place of a written paper. The page should contain title, author(s) and abstract.

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Project students

If you have some work that you would like to present - maybe from a paper on your project work - you are welcome to submit a paper. But otherwise you are invited to just come along, observe, question, discuss, and have fun!

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Staff, visitors, Research Fellows

You are invited to give a talk on a subject of interest, and submit either an abstract page (see above) or a paper for the proceedings. These may be technical research talks, or talks on topics of broader interest (such as the future of computer science).

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