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Research students must consult their supervisor about funding for proposed research travel, before submitting a conference paper or arranging a visit to another research lab.

You may be personably liable for the cost of your travel if you don’t do this. In CSSE conference travel and other research travel costs for PhD students are intended to be funded from the following sources:

UWA travel grant

PhD students are eligible for one overseas or interstate travel grant during their candidature. For travel within Australia, awards provide up to a maximum of $505, inclusive of fares and subsistence. For overseas travel, awards provide up to a maximum of $1520, inclusive of fares and subsistence.

Coordinating supervisor's CSSE research account

The school distributes money to academic staff towards the supervision of PhD students and for publications. This money is intended to be used to support the PhD student in, for example, presenting a paper, or for other costs associated with the PhD student's research.

Scholarship provision

Some scholarships (such as Gledden, CRC top ups, some APAIs, CSIRO top ups) include provision for research costs such as travel that can be accessed by the student.

Research grants

A student associated with a particular research grant (usually with the supervisor as a CI) may be able to use funds from that grant for research costs.

Other awards

There may be other travel awards offered by specific conferences, or expenses offered by an institution being visited.

Students should discuss possible funding for conference attendance with their supervisors before submitting a paper to a conference to avoid the School getting into trouble when papers are accepted but the author doesn't show.


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