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Feedback and support

Our School provides feedback and support for graduate research candidates on their research through:

1. the candidate’s two supervisors during regular meetings.

2. the candidate’s colleagues (academics and other candidates) working in the same research area by participation in seminars given by the candidate and through comments on the candidate’s written reports.

3. all members of the School providing feedback on presentations given at the School Research Conference and at other research seminars held in the School.

In addition, under the new Confirmation of Candidature requirements of the Graduate School, each School is responsible for recommending either the continuation, the resubmission of continuation case after three months, or the termination of candidature, of each research candidate at the end of their first year of study.


CSSE appoints an Advisory Panel of senior academics with a representative from each of the CSSE research groups (vision and visualisation, adaptive systems, ad hoc and sensor networks, formal methods, software engineering) to meet annually (and on additional occasions as required) to make recommendations on behalf of the School for the continuation of candidature of its research candidates.

Proposed panel membership

Head of School, Graduate Coordinator (chair), Vision and Visualisation (W/Prof Mohammed Bennamoun), Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (Prof Amitava Datta), Adaptive Systems (Dr Cara MacNish), Formal Methods and Software Engineering (Prof George Milne), Centre for Software Practice (Prof Mark Reynolds)

Advisory Panel terms of reference

  1. The Advisory Panel shall make recommendations to Graduate School on Confirmation of Candidature for all CSSE candidates. The Panel shall recommend either the continuation of candidature, the resubmission of continuation case after 3 months, or the termination of candidature, for each research candidate at the end of their first year of study.
  2. All Members of the Panel shall attend each candidate’s Proposal Seminar and Confirmation of Candidature seminar (held on School Research Days in June and February).
  3. At least one member of the Panel who is not the candidate’s coordinating supervisor, shall read the candidate’s proposal report and confirmation of candidature report, in order to make a continuation recommendation to the full Panel. Reports shall be published on an internal CSSE web site, to allow all members of the Panel to review the reports. The full Panel will discuss all cases where the recommendation is for resubmission or termination.
  4. In the case where the candidate’s coordinating supervisor is a member of the Panel, the supervisor shall not participate in the recommendation for that candidate.
  5. The Panel shall endeavour to come to unanimous agreement on its recommendations. Where this is not possible, the Graduate Coordinator and Head of School shall be responsible for the School’s final recommendation.
  6. Any candidate or supervisor who wishes an Advisory Panel member to be excluded from the continuation recommendation process for a particular candidate shall make that case, in writing, to the Graduate Coordinator, who shall make a final decision as in Rule 5 above.
  7. The role taken by some Advisory Panels of support and feedback for candidates shall be taken by each candidate’s supervisors together with all members of the candidate’s research group and the Graduate Coordinator.
  8. The Advisory Panel shall review CSSE Expectations for Confirmation of Candidature each year. The Panel shall make recommendations to the School for any revisions to this document.
  9. The Scholarship Committee shall continue in its present format, as a separate body from the Advisory Panel.

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